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 How do I know if I am eligible to take this course?
 If you are using this course for ticket dismissal within the state of Texas, your court will tell you if you are eligible to take Defensive Driving to dismiss your ticket. If you are taking this course for Insurance Discount, you are automatically eligibl
 Can I take this course if I received a ticket in Texas but I do not live there or have a Texas driver's license?
 If the court that issued the ticket allows you to take a defensive driving course, then you can take this course even if you don't live in Texas and don't have a Texas driver's license.
 Can I take your course to get my insurance rates reduced?
 Absolutely! Because Gently's Defensive Driving course has been approved by the Texas Education Agency, taking our course can reduce your insurance rates by up to 10%! Contact your insurance agent to find out if they offer a discount for taking a defensiv
 My due date for attending a defensive driving course has passed. What should I do?
 You may be allowed to get an extension. You should first contact the court, either in person or by phone, and ask if they will give you an extension. Some courts will grant extensions and some will not. It is up to the court.
 Will this course dismiss a traffic ticket?
  Yes, the course will help to dismiss a traffic ticket, granted that you have received approval with your court to take a defensive driving course for the purpose of ticket dismissal. Approval from the court must be received before taking the course.