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 Can I start the course at one location and continue at another?
 Yes! You may take the course 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any computer with internet access.
 Where will you get the information to verify my ID?
 Gently's obtains its information from two State of Texas databases. One database holds drivers license information, the other, license plate information. We use the information you supply, so please make sure the information you provide is correct.
 What if I don't have a Texas drivers license or plate?
  If we cannot verify your ID through the Texas databases we will require you to do a simple one page form called a Student Affidavit. This form is a 3rd party ID verification system which the Texas Education Agency requires of all defensive driving classe
  What is your privacy policy?
 We recognize the importance of protecting the privacy of our students. We will never share your information with an unauthorized third party. You can read our detailed privacy policy here: Gently's Privacy Policy