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  There's an error on my certificate, what do I do to get it corrected?
 If there is an error on your certificate we will need to receive your certificate back before we can correct it. Please CONTACT CUSTOMER SUPPORT immediately so we can take care of the problem. We CAN N
 I lost my original/ the court said they didn't get my original cert. What now?
 If you need a replacement certificate please SUBMIT A TROUBLE TICKET and a customer support representative will help you obtain a replacement.
 My certificate hasn't shown up yet, what do I do?
 In the help center for your course, there is a date that your certificate should have been received by. If that date has passed and you have still not received a certificate, please let us know.
 Do you send my Certificate of Completion to the court for me?
 No. The certificate has to be mailed to you. Once you receive it, it is your responsibility to sign the certificate and turn it in to the court either in person or by mail. If you are mailing the certificate to the court, we suggest you mail it certifie
 How soon will I receive my Certificate of Completion?
 You will receive your Certificate of Completion within 2-7 business days after you complete the course (Standard Mail - US Postal Service). If you need to receive your Certificate sooner, we offer express shipping services (including overnight shipping) f
 My form from the court requires an instructor's signature. How can I get it signed?
 Most courts don't require a form to be signed by the school, but a few of them do. If you need a form signed by an instructor, please fax it to us at (888) 605-6350 and an instructor will sign the form and return it to you. Don't forget to indicate how
 Why does my certificate say "Not for Ticket Dismissal"?
 If you are looking at the certificate and it says, "Not for Ticket Dismissal" then you are looking at your Insurance copy. It is stamped in big RED letters on the right hand side INSURANCE COPY. Behind the insurance copy is your court certificate. It is