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  Do I have to use the same computer each time I log in?
 Absolutely not! Gently's gives you the freedom to log in to your course from any computer with internet access.
 What are the system requirements for your course?
  We require that you have : 400 MHz or higher Processor, 64 Megabytes of Memory, Adobe Flash and an Internet Connection (dial-up or high-speed).
 You require cookies to be enabled? I thought cookies were bad!
 Without having cookies enabled we cannot track where you are in the course. Our cookie just lets us know that you have completed a page and/or video. Many contemporary, interactive sites use cookies these days, and Gently's is committed to using them se
 How do I enable cookies?
 Each computer system is different but if you check out this site it will give you a good idea on how to enable cookies.
 What happens if I get disconnected?
 If you get disconnected from your internet provider for any reason, simply reconnect and log back into the course. You will start on the segment you left off and your performance will not be affected in any way.
 Does your course work on Macintosh computers?
 Yes. You can take our course using a Mac if you use the Firefox or Safari browser. We recommend Firefox.
 Does your course work on Linux systems?
 Yes! Gently's recognizes that many people choose to use Linux as their primary operating system, and has made sure that our course works on the Linux operating system. Firefox is recommended.